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Not a dream September 13, 2012

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She turned quickly she thought she had heard his voice, she thought she felt him whisper in her ear. She turned and faced the darkness…. Nothing…..
She kept walking, her thoughts again turned to him. She walked more, and her eyes seemed to gloss over into a day dream seeing but not looking where she was going. She dreamed he was kissing her, she felt his lips on hers. Softness, breathless…..
She shook her head to awake from her walking dream. She stopped for a moment to collect her thoughts to put her emotions in check. She found a bench, she took a seat. The world walked by her quickly, she stared straight ahead, again lost in her own world. He stood before her, kissing her, touching her cheek, she reached out and brushed her cheek to make sure it was real.
Breathless, she got up and ran toward her apartment. She got to her place and opened her door ran in and stood there. Wondering what was real and what wasn’t. She closed her eyes again. This time she felt his hand on hers, moving her toward the bedroom. She stood at the door way, she felt her dress slip off of her shoulders. She felt hands move across her breast, as her nipples became erect from the touch. She felt lips begin to suck them one at the time. Her body responded to the touch by arching, this was a dream right? She felt herself laying on the soft bed. Her legs spread open as gentle manly fingers began to explore her clit, and the wetness of her pussy. She wanted to be fucked by him, dream or not. The moments devoured her, she felt pinned against the bed, she felt the weight of someone on her. She opened her eyes, as he slid his cock deep inside her. He pulled her up and began to kiss her lips. Once she was able to slightly focus that moment before they both were close to cumming, she looked in his eyes…”I am glad this is not a dream…..”


She dances September 11, 2012

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The room was large, dark, a gentle breeze could be felt all around a gentle sound of fabric rustling against the floor.. She was dressed in a simple long elegant dress, black, sleek. Slowly the room began to fill with a soft glow, and music started playing. He walked up behind her, and put his hands gently on her hips, and began swaying her from side to side. He spun her around gently so that she faced him. Her hair fell across her face hiding her eyes from him, he gently moves it aside, placing it behind her ear. His hand then rested gently on the nape of her neck, and guiding her around the floor. They were in a world of their own, on in which he had created for her. They danced.. for hours just circling the dance floor. His hands would follow her curves, touching every part of her body. The music was slow and seductive, soon his hand found its way to her heart, and he just held it there as he guided her across the floor. Dancing

After hours, he finally twirls her one final time, and takes her to the fireplace, which had been lite the entire night. Large cushions where close to the fire, and a wine was sitting in a chiller, waiting to be enjoyed. He pulled the cork and poured two glasses. They drank the first glass quickly, chatting about the day, the week.Quickly moving on to the next glass, as he poured her glass full he leaned in and kissed her lips. He had waited all evening to make that move, slowly timed, diligent. He put her hand on her face and cupped her cheek as he brought her in to kiss her again. He put the wine back into the ice, and removed the glass from her hand. He kissed her again. Slowly he made her lay down, against the soft cushions. His mouth then began to explore her neckline. With each kiss he could feel her heart beat grow faster. He moved her straps of her dress, making them fall down her shoulders and lay resting on her arms. His hands then began to explore her breast. He sat her up quickly and unzipped her dress, and as it fell open exposing her nipples, his mouth found them and began to suck them one at a time. He stopped for a moment to catch his breath and release his tie from around his neck, and to remove his jacket. He went back to kissing her, fondling her nipples with his finger. He then slowly put his hand on her knees and moves his hands up her dress. He finds her clit, and begins to tease it. Her body responds to his touch instantly. He feels her wetness, and her body begging to be touched even more. He removes her dress, and then his own. He then returns to exploring her body. He grabs her neck and brings her down to his cock and she opens her mouth to suck him, filling her mouth with his cock sucking it greedily. He pulled her up gently and began to kiss her lips. He got up and brought her to her feet as well. When she stood the dress fall, leaving her standing there completely naked. He kissed her again, his hands explored her entire body. Her body responded to his touch and moved with him. He took her back out on the dance floor, and began dancing. She seemed like she was in a trance, totally connected to him. The breeze that erected her nipples did not bother her, nor did the fact that she was completely naked. He pulled her close, and held her as they danced. Slowly she began to remove his shirt, kissing his chest. They danced naked for a while, until he couldn’t take it anymore. He led her back to the cushions and laid down. He started kissing her, soon he was making love to her, filling her with himself. She responded to each thrust with a gentle moan, and soon they became more intense as her orgasm neared. She was soon begging for him to push harder and deeper. He pulled himself out of a moment and grabbed her by her neck pulling her on top of him as he sat on the cushions his legs in front of him. He helped her bring her body to face him and guided her on to his cock, and wrapping her legs around him his one arm around her waist holding her in place, his other hand holding the nape of her neck and as they rocked back and forth the intensity increased. He pulled her to him and kissed her as she rode his cock. Sweat was pouring off of both their bodies, and their breathing became faster, harder. Soon she was orgamsming, as she came he laid her down and was on top of her, pushing his cock deeper and deeper inside of her. She cried out in ecstasy as he came inside her.
They lay there for a long time, wrapped in each others arms, feeling the breeze listening to the curtains rustle and the music play softly. The light of the fireplace still danced in front of them. He kissed her softly, watching her lay there. Soon, they were making love again.


So She Dance

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Surprises September 10, 2012

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She was standing in the kitchen, in front of the window feeling the cool breeze, watching the leaves sway. She was starting dinner off in her own world listening to music. Her hips begin to sway with the music as she cooked, she never heard the garage, nor did she hear the door close. He stood there and watched for for a bit, as she continued to dance and sing to the music. He couldn’t handle it for much longer, he removed his tie from around his neck and put it on the table. He then removed his work shirt, and put it on the chair. He slipped off his shoes so she couldn’t hear him walk up behind her. He put the tie in his hands and walked up to her. He slipped the tie over her eyes so she couldn’t see him at all. She then turned her around so that she faced him. He never said a word to her as he bent down and kissed her hard, deeply.  He grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down to her knees. Her heart was racing, her hands were shaking. She felt movement, she heard rustling. A large cock was then put at her mouth. She opened her mouth to accept it, the large member slide down her throat filling her mouth almost gagging her. She sucked greedily. She could feel herself getting wet. His hands then grabbed her hair and began to push his cock deeper and deeper down her throat. Then she heard another set of footsteps. The hair on the back of her neck stood on end. She was on the kitchen floor, she only had a t-shirt on. Her hair was in a sloppy ponytail. She had no idea who was there, she was exposed. And a cock still in her mouth. He pulled himself out, and the man with the shoes came up to her… rustling..movement… and hardness again shoved deep in her mouth. She sucked this cock for a moment, a long moment. Then she felt her hair being pulled up. She was walked to another room, she was then shoved onto a bed. One cock was shoved back down her throat, the other was the other was shoved deep in her pussy.
There were no words spoken, as she was fucked. Once he was done with her pussy he shoved his hardness deep in her ass. The other cock was still in her mouth. Then they both stopped. She was still on all fours… she was brought to her feet for a moment, still blindfolded. There was movement on the bed, she was lead back down on the bed and she straddled a cock, it slowly slid deep inside her. Then she felt another cock from behind, and it slid slowly in her ass. She was fucked so hard, she could tell the cocks were close to cumming, and she felt her own orgasm close. She cried out as she came. The cocks filled her with her load, and then slowly moved around releasing her from her stance.
She slid down the bed, and tried to catch her breath. There was a quick kiss on her cheek, and then she felt a breath on her ear…”Surprise!!”


Off the beaten path. August 21, 2012

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We loved going for walks, he and I. He would take my hand and guide me places, that neither of us had ventured out to before. We would listen to the world passing us by as we walked and talked about our own sweet nothings. He would not let my hand go on our adventures, not for fear of loosing me, or of being hurt. But just for longing to touch each other. Deeper off the beaten path we would go, his hand would find its way up my arm, around my waist. Stopping me to kiss me, to hold me. Hiding ourselves beneath the trunks of large trees, he would pin me against them, and press his body onto mine. I can feel his heart beat, his own longings coming to life beneath his clothes. We would continue after a moment or two, trying to not succumb to our passions, at that exact moment. But to find ourselves further from the paths and deep inside our own world.
We could walk for hours, knowing North would take us straight back to reality, avoiding that direction at all cost. The passion would cause us to stop at times, and wrap ourselves up in each other. We would find a soft patch of grass to lay in. He would weave his fingers in my hair, and pull me close to him, and run his other hand across my body, causing it to cry out for more. He would find my gentleness between my thighs, and tease it with his fingers. We would find ourselves almost naked in the woods.we would do everything we could to feed our desires, when we could no longer stand it, he would slip his cock deep inside me. Filling me with himself, holding tight to me. In a matter of moments it seemed we would both be spent. We would lay there still wrapped in each others arms, still touching, and kissing and longing.
Finally the day would slip away, and the trek home would start. We would stop again beneath the large trees, and find ourselves exploring our bodies again. Turning the trip home, into a rush to begin the fun again..


Passing with time. August 13, 2012

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Over the next few months Melody and Jeffery worked close together. Each taking in stride their past, and trying to look forward to their futures. The two of them seemed to be deeply entwined, they connected. It was a good feeling for both of them. They had become great friends, and spent quite a bit of time together. One night after a long day of branding, they found themselves at the back of the bunkhouse sitting around the fire drinking a few beers with the other ranch hands. They laughed with the rest of the guys, and had a wonderful evening. Melody bid the crew good night, after her first beer. Jeffery walked her to the main house. Just as she was about to step on the porch he reached out and grabbed her arm. She felt him pull her close to him. Melody’s heart instantly started racing.
“I am glad you and I became friends Melody!” Jeffery leaned into give her a hug. She could feel his heart racing as much as her own. He then leaned in and kissed her softly on the cheek and then as quickly has he had grabbed her he was walking away.
He was half way to the bunkhouse, and she just started running towards him. She was next to him with in a matter of moments, and grabbed his arm, spinning him around to her, she then grabbed his face and brought him down to her, kissing him with a forceful passion that she honestly didn’t know she had. He did not fight her, he pulled her close to him, wrapping his strong arms around her. Kissing her back, taking in her very scent. He effortlessly had her off the ground as he kissed her. Their hearts both pounding against their chests. They stood there for a long time just embracing one another, unsure of their ability to move. No words were spoken. There was no need for them not now.
Just at that moment, lights headed up the long driveway. They let go of each other slowly and were just standing a foot apart when the car stopped right in front of them the headlights blaring in their eyes. Neither of them recognized the car. The door flung open quickly, and as the dust settled, they each looked up at the figure before them.
Melody muttered his name, as she fainted. “Dewayne…….”


Late night August 10, 2012

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It was well past midnight when Melody got back from her shift at the diner. She got out of the truck, and noticed lights coming from the bunkhouse. Normally everyone was asleep when she came in this late, since it was a working ranch. She walked over to the bunks to check everything out. Jeffery was sitting out at the fire pit that was close, with a fire going, just staring into the fire. Melody watched at the flames danced in front of his face. He seemed to be lost in thought so she didn’t want to bother him. Just as she turned around she stepped on a stick, the snap of it brought Jeffery out of his trance. He shook his head and saw her as she was about to walk away.
“Wait Melody.” He called after her.
She slowly turned around to find him on his feet fixing to walk her way. He dark figure almost seemed to blend in with the night sky. He heart skipped a beat as she noticed his face, still full of thought, his eyes full of questions. She tried to make light of the tension, “Hey Jeffery, just saw the lights on wanted to check and make sure everything is ok?”
“Why don’t you come sit with me by the fire, I know I was sort of distant today, I hope it didn’t hurt your feeling?” Jeffery said sort of looking down as he spoke.
“Okay, its late though and we both have a long day tomorrow.”
“I know. I just wanted to explain. I like you I want us to be good friends!” Jeffery replied.
Melody walked to the fire pit and sat next to Jeffery, he had his hand folding together and was rubbing them together hard, as if he was trying to control himself. ‘Melody, I know I have been here for a while, and I just now started talking to you. I have a history, not a bad one. Just one that I had to get away from and it led me to Thomas Ranch. I want us to be friends. Today I was not dealing with things well and I blew you off, I wanted to apologies.”
“Jeffery everyone is getting away from something, its just how we deal with it. I want us to be friends to, we will take it one day at a time.” With that Melody got up and walked away, leaving Jeffery to his own vices.
She went into the house and started to get ready for a shower. She turned on the water and started to slip out of her dirty uniform that smelled of old fry grease and cleaning products. She hated the diner, but it was a good way to earn some extra money, the tips were nice. She stood in front of the mirror, staring at her reflection, Her hair still twisted in a messy bun, with dark curls flung around, had started to sag from the hard day she had endured. She looked at her face and watched it stare back at her. Why had Dewayne left, her heart started asking again, knowing there was no answer. She took off her bra and panties and stood in front of the large mirror completely naked. She had not ever been able to look at her plump features before Dewayne came along. She never found her own beauty until he had showed her how. She now looked at herself and began to follow her form with her finger tips. She closed her eyes and began to go back to the last time she has been with Dewayne. She felt the steam and humidity from the shower engulf her as she got lost in her own thoughts. She saw her tall, handsome Master standing in front of her as she was kneeling on the floor, naked. Her palms turned up, her eyes down, waiting for instruction. He had circled her twice, observing her. The next time, he walked up and took her hand ever so gently and took her to his Bed. He put a blind fold on her, and kissed her deeply passionately. Then grabbing her hands he found his bound them together with a silk rope that they had used countless times before. He then tied her to the bed, where she was not able to move off of the bed only around a bit. He then had her lay on her stomach. Her Master, Dewayne had been training her on Anal sex. Today was going to be a lesson she presumed. She felt a cold wetness on her ass. Then she felt his finger as he gently rubbed lubricant on her, it aroused her, and all of her senses, she could feel her sex come alive, she could feel herself grow wet with desire for him to be inside her. He then put her on all fours her hands still bound, her eyes still covered. He whispered in her ear, “We are not going to use a plug tonight my girl. Tonight we are going to break your anal virginity, I will not fuck you hard tonight, we will get to that point. But I am going to fuck your ass. It will hurt some, but we have been working on this, you are ready for me.” He kissed her cheek. “I will start with your pussy, and work my way to your ass, girl.” “Yes Sir” she said softly. He left her for a long moment. She could feel the breeze from the fan above her head blow. She could her her Master rustling around. Then there was a long silence. A few moments later, she heard his footsteps again. He sat on the edge of the bed. She could hear him slipping the condom on. The bed moved as he got behind her and began to pound her pussy. He filled her with his large cock. He moved it back and forth hitting her tender spot time and time again. She was about to come when he completely stopped. “You are ready for me now my girl. Relax, breathe. He started rubbing his finger around her ass, massaging his next entry point attempting to relax her before he entered her ass. It worked, and he slowly began to slip finger inside her. She was completely ready for him now. He positioned himself and began to slowly push his engorged cock into her small ass. He would gently rock back and forth to ease himself inside her. She would catch her self tensing up, “Just breathe baby” Would be the only words out of his mouth. As he would concentrate on not hurting her. They had used the plugs for a couple of months now she was ready for this. He finally had his cock deep inside her. It aroused all her senses again as he slowly began to move in and out of her. He then grabbed hold of her hips and began to move more continuously. She began to moan with pleasure, he would push harder with every moan. She began to feel wetness run down her leg, as her juices flowed. He continued to fuck her ass as she started to cry out in complete ecstasy, coming as he pushed himself inside her, he felt her body pulsating as he continued to fuck her, causing him to come. He loosened his grip and fell on the bed next to her. Holding her close, “that his my good girl,” He whispered in her ear as he removed the blindfold and pulled her in tighter to him. Her hand still bound to the bed. The fell asleep like that.
Melody shook her head as she realized it was all a memory. Taking a deep breath she jumped into the scalding shower. Attempting to wash away the pain in her heart. Still longing for her Master.