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Not a dream September 13, 2012

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She turned quickly she thought she had heard his voice, she thought she felt him whisper in her ear. She turned and faced the darkness…. Nothing…..
She kept walking, her thoughts again turned to him. She walked more, and her eyes seemed to gloss over into a day dream seeing but not looking where she was going. She dreamed he was kissing her, she felt his lips on hers. Softness, breathless…..
She shook her head to awake from her walking dream. She stopped for a moment to collect her thoughts to put her emotions in check. She found a bench, she took a seat. The world walked by her quickly, she stared straight ahead, again lost in her own world. He stood before her, kissing her, touching her cheek, she reached out and brushed her cheek to make sure it was real.
Breathless, she got up and ran toward her apartment. She got to her place and opened her door ran in and stood there. Wondering what was real and what wasn’t. She closed her eyes again. This time she felt his hand on hers, moving her toward the bedroom. She stood at the door way, she felt her dress slip off of her shoulders. She felt hands move across her breast, as her nipples became erect from the touch. She felt lips begin to suck them one at the time. Her body responded to the touch by arching, this was a dream right? She felt herself laying on the soft bed. Her legs spread open as gentle manly fingers began to explore her clit, and the wetness of her pussy. She wanted to be fucked by him, dream or not. The moments devoured her, she felt pinned against the bed, she felt the weight of someone on her. She opened her eyes, as he slid his cock deep inside her. He pulled her up and began to kiss her lips. Once she was able to slightly focus that moment before they both were close to cumming, she looked in his eyes…”I am glad this is not a dream…..”


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